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Please vote for my friend who is taking part in a business contest. Please visit this link to vote and help grow her business:
Your support is much needed.:) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
For my bestie, Sandy
She lends a hand of friendship, when no one is around. 
"Before expecting a man to be chivalrous, let's not be envious towards each other.
Instead, let's be the prime source of strength for one another."-- agreed, each gracious woman of the Universe.
The Art/Deviation, “Old Street by Leonid Afremov”, is a sublime representation of Old Street, London. The usage of colors, on the architectures, across the street, is awe-inspiring. Most important are the perfect detailing invested, on each object, in an extraordinary and unparalleled fashion. A three-dimensional representation, of a scenic beauty, on a two-dimensional canvas, is truly spectacular. There is a tremendous blend of different colors and shades, which altogether produces a kaleidoscopic effect. There is a beautiful artwork under the street light where objects and a portion of the street are illuminated with imposing brush strokes. The lights oozing out of different window panes adds to the beautification of the light and shade effect, on the street. In this piece of Art, a scenic beauty, of a historic landscape, is captured with perfection, visual clarity, and elegance. This marvelous Artwork is unique in multidimensional aspect.

My Views on Creativity:

A person needs to tag herself/himself as a free being to be identified as creative’.

I realized that an intense must burn within, which will nurture the creative instinct, residing inside. One cannot classify the kindof pain, that must occur in a human life to ignite creativity. Generally, we declare ourselves to be in pain when, things we thrive for, do not occur to us, for the time being, or ever. Thereby, an emptiness happens to chase us and we try to get rid of it. We try to come out of the uncertainty. Maybe, in such suffocating situation, we end up finding a free world where nothing really matters.

We mind being judged by others, but somewhere, in our subconscious mind, we constantly judge and upgrade ourselves. Somehow, with our constant process of judgment and up gradation, we want to place ourselves in a better place, of our lives. We develop our self-belief, self- confidence and leap for something better. We dedicatedly improve or upgrade ourselves to be one of the deserving beings; for a better life. In short, we wish for something, which we believe is best for us. But sometimes, our dreams and expectations become very expensive. Hence, we and the people who support us (parents, friends, and well-wishers), fail to afford it at the right time. Maybe, then comes a time, when we fail to reach our point of satisfaction, in life. This situation becomes unacceptable and creates a depression all around us. We hover around the darkness to find a solution, to fix our situation.

Creativity is a refreshment in utmost dark phases of life and, for me, it works like a medication. I wonder, how a person can be creative when contented! There must be an emptiness present behind every creation. Maybe, in few cases, there had been a dark phase, in the past, which inspires a creator. In the later case, a person should not let go of her/his past, to preserve the creative bone, within.

Every creative person needs to live in a free world where, they care about nothing, except the thing that keeps them alive; their creation. There arises a time when it becomes very difficult to understand them since they prefer solidarityThey love to be with people, but not always. Maybe, under certain circumstances, the love their lives become the deepest source of inspiration for which, they become over expressive. The saddest part comes when they are misjudged. Anyhow, someone should know that, a creative person is usually soft-hearted; even though exceptions always remain. This is my observation and nothing else. I am not claiming to be creative but I definitely wish to reach the extreme end of the free world, one day, through my negligible capabilities, which needs up gradation of course.



AratrikaRay's Profile Picture
Aratrika Ray
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am Aratrika. I am 25 years old. I am from India.
I am not a professional artist but Art is my biggest inspiration. I draw, sketch, paint, create almost every day. I am a software engineer by profession.
No matter where life takes me to, I will never stop creating. My parents are my biggest support as they always insist me to carry out and improve my creativity. I started learning basic drawing skills, from my Art tutors, at home, when I was six years old. Due to change in residency, I had to discontinue their classes. I started learning Fine Arts and Painting from my teacher, Mr. Pranab Mallick who is an artist by profession. I did Diploma in the same domain, from Pracheen Kala Kendra (State Governments Universities and Education Boards). Even after completing five years of routine Art course and training, somewhere I am not done with painting. In my spare time, I devote myself to create something new. I am very much keen towards Abstract Art and Conceptual Art. But I love and appreciate every form of creation.

Deviant Art is a place where I first got to share my ideas and creations. My friend, Saoumita, first introduced me to this website for which I will always be thankful.

I hope, I can create better works in future and contribute much to the Deviant Gallery.

You may follow me on tumblr.

You may follow me on twitter


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